Assignment Fix: Revision Policy


Before placing an order with Assignment Fix, we strongly encourage potential customers to read the portion of the website devoted to the company’s terms and policies to avoid any inconveniences in the future. Within the first twenty-four hours after placing your order, you have the option to get a full refund if you decide that you are unhappy with any of the written revision clauses that are listed below.
If you have completed your assignment by Assignment Fix and are looking for a revision of your task after it has been delivered, we would be happy to assist you by following the terms of our revision policy. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. The most important aspects of our return policy are outlined below.

Clause Number 01

Revisions to orders that have already been sent out to consumers will be accepted up to 30 days after the order was sent out, and the approval of the revision will be subject to terms and limitations. This time limit would be sixty days for the dissertations and thesis papers.

Clause Number 02

The feedback provided, and the nature of the adjustments will determine how quickly the revisions may be implemented, which might be anywhere from 24 to 7 hours. If you wish to seek an urgent modification, kindly indicate properly while sharing the feedback remarks via email or your student portal. Thank you for being so cooperative in this matter.

Clause Number 03

Please note that if your revision is mentioned with any additional writing and research requirements that were not shared earlier at the time of placing the order, such as a new subject topic, a new case study, usage of new software, additional learning objectives, etc., then it will be considered as the new work and will not be catered as a revision.
This includes but is not limited to the following: a new subject topic, a new case study, usage of new software, additional learning objectives, etc. As a result, you will be expected to pay an additional cost that is proportional to the efforts that the academic writer will make to meet new needs.

Clause Number 04

If you make any new requirements during the revision, you will receive an updated pricing quote considering the changes made to the original work. For example, if you have been provided with a research proposal that you have agreed to, and then after the completion and delivery of your work, you request that the study topic be changed, this will be seen as a new assignment. It will not be catered to as a free revision. This is because the original work has already been completed. The same policy would be implemented for any changes to how country-specific research, referencing guidelines, etc., are conducted.

Clause Number 05

At Assignment Fix, we strongly suggest our prospective clients raise their concerns and provide revision feedback through the Assignment Fix Student site or via email to obtain the most effective solution to their questions and concerns. The questions that the students have submitted through the student portal and via email are sent straight to the relevant writing specialist so that they can be resolved quickly.

Clause Number 06

Please note that Assignment Fix is not responsible for any delays that may occur in responding to complaints that are communicated through alternative communication methods such as WhatsApp and Live Chat. For instance, if you request the revision via WhatsApp and Live Chat, then this would not be catered for at Assignment Fix. Instead, we recommend that you utilise the Student’s site or email for the revision query purpose, and you should use other channels for updates and follow-ups.

Clause Number 07

During single revision cycle, only a single set of revision instructions will be considered at a time. Any additional information that is provided following a single query of revision instructions will be accounted for in a subsequent cycle of revision.

Clause Number 08

Since the revision period requires communication, the customer should be available. Suppose there is a delay in response to the expert’s query. In that case, Assignment Fix and the academic experts will only be held liable if the submission deadline is met due to any communication delay on the student’s side.

Clause Number 09

Whenever a customer requests a revision, they are strongly encouraged to write out the requirements of adjustments clearly and concisely, as well as thorough comments (ideally from the professor).

Clause Number 10

To ensure that the academic specialist can make the necessary adjustments most effectively, the client needs to provide specific details regarding the nature of the errors included in the assignment as well as the modifications that are required. The general revision comments such as “it is not good” or “I asked for something else” are not considered the appropriate reasons for the revision request because they are not specific enough.

Clause Number 11

Following the terms and conditions presented before, Assignment Fix maintains all of its rights to decline requests for revisions. However, there is a circumstance in which you need to be qualified for a free modification. In that case, we strongly encourage you to contact our customer support department to discuss your assignment concern. We will do our best to find a solution to your problem using all of the resources at our disposal, but we are not obligated to do so by the service agreement that we have with you.

Clause Number 12

Assignment Fix reserves the right to change any existing revision policy at the sole discretion of the company’s management. These modifications may be made without prior notification to the users of our services or the public in general.