Assignment Fix Terms & Conditions

Thank you for visiting the Assignment Fix and selecting our company to fulfil your requirements for academic work. However, before using our educational services, it is strongly recommended that you familiarise yourself with the contents of this document and fully grasp our terms and conditions. Do not place any orders if you disagree to be bound by our specific terms and conditions.
If you order a paper on this website, it indicates that you accept all of the terms and conditions detailed on this page.

1. Words and phrases

2. Our Services Usage

To provide the best assignment writing service possible, our organisation employs academic writers, editors, proofreaders, and researchers at all levels.
Upon receipt of payment and delivery of the completed order, our contract with the customer shall enter into force immediately. Once we have received payment, we will be responsible for providing our clients with the agreed-upon level of quality.
If we fail to meet your expectations, you have seven days to submit a complaint with us.
Before requesting a refund, customers should review our policy. The completed order will be sent to the provided email address at no additional cost.
Expert customer support agents are available around the clock, per the company’s guarantee.
We pledge only to use skilled, experienced writers who will produce original work.
Our customers risk criminal and legal liability if they use the information on this site or the product we ship in a way that is not authorised.

3. The Delivery Procedure

The timely distribution of documents ordered by Assignment Desk’s clients is one of the company’s primary responsibilities. If we are unable to meet the delivery deadline for the project, the client has the option of requesting a full refund. We make sure that the papers meet all of the needed requirements and criteria before we sell them. We guarantee that our content to our clients will be of the highest possible quality.

4. Absolutely no Plagiarism

You recognise that we reserve the right to cancel any contract, agreement, or arrangement with any individual who attempts to present plagiarised products as original by agreeing to our terms and conditions. You do this by consenting to our terms and conditions. You also promise to keep a third party in the dark regarding any product delivered by our company.
You agree that you will not in any manner share our sent product for payment or any other activity.
If we discover that the customer has plagiarised the work that we have done for them, we have the right to back out of our agreement to carry out the work and provide the services that have been requested. Only for research or reference should any of the items we sell come in the form of written materials.

5. The Protection and Safety of Personal Information

We will never release any of your personally identifiable information (PII) to any third party unless required by a government agency. Please refer to our privacy policy, which can be found in an apparent and straightforward manner on our website. You can acquire in-depth information on our policies about the protection of data.
To obtain additional information regarding the safety of the information, kindly consult the policies section.

6. Warranties

When you place an order, you confirm that you are totally in agreement with the points that have been expressed above, as well as the ones that are listed below:
You must properly cite any information taken from the paper that was delivered.
All the products we sell should only be used as examples for research or reference. It would help if you used the goals of gaining an education in the methods for producing a paper in the appropriate format and citation style (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, etc.).
There will be no copies of the product supplied, and you are obligated to destroy it as soon as you have finished using it for your reference or study purposes.
You consent to receive the most up-to-date information regarding the company’s upcoming sales or competitions. You can unsubscribe from these updates whenever it is necessary.

7. Variations to the Conditions of Service

The organisation can alter these Terms and Conditions at any time. We strongly advise all of our customers to monitor the conditions we’ve outlined above consistently for any potential modifications. It is our responsibility to update the web pages as soon as possible to reflect the changes.